7 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Blinds

Nothing last forever, no matter how great it is. The same goes with the window blinds. However, window blinds are one of the most durable window treatments that last for years with little maintenance. But at one point, you may have to upgrade your window blinds and shutters in Pacific Palisades.

  • Bent or warped slats

    No matter what material is used to construct the blinds, over time, the blinds bend and warm. If you had installed the blinds years back or a decade, then carefully look at your blinds and see if they are looking bent or warped out of shape. If yes, it is high time to switch to new window blinds and shutters.

  • Difficult to raise

    Is it difficult to raise the blinds for you? If yes, this is happening because of two main reasons- either the lifting mechanism is damaged, or the lifting mechanism is unable to support the load of the blinds.

  • Frayed cords-

    Take a look at your cords, and if they start to look frayed, it is the time for a new blind. Frayed binds directly indicate that blinds have been outdated. In such cases, the internal mechanism can also cause damage to your cord.

  • Frayed edges

    If your shades are frayed around their edges, this means your shades are too wide for the window opening. While opening and closing the binds, they scrape inside of the frame. Instead of leaving your blinds as it is, replace them with new ones.

  • Yellowing or discoloration

    Over time, the intense sun rays can cause blinds to discolor or yellow. The updated blinds and shutters offer protection against UV rays. If your blinds look yellowish or discolored, then the material of the blinds has deteriorated. This means you should give a second thought to new and updated window blinds.

  • Blinds don’t close

    Do your blind slats close more tightly than before, or is there a large gap in between? This indicates that your lift mechanism is worn-out. Get a new blind that ensures smooth opening and closing. This will also ensure your family safety.

  • They are outdated

    Do your blinds look outdated in front of your home decor? Then it is time to upgrade your window blinds with updated ones that are equally good in terms of aesthetics and functioning.

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Four Factors to Consider Commercial Window Treatments

Choosing the right window treatment in a commercial space is critically important from the business growth perspective. For instance, if it is a restaurant, the right window treatments can set the mood of your customers and make them feel comfortable at home. The right window treatment will make your restaurant or any retail store looks aesthetically beautiful to get more foot traffic from outside. But aesthetics should not be the only criteria to choose the window treatments. Below we have shared four major factors to consider while choosing the commercial window treatments in Westlake Village.

  • UV rays resistant– The intense UV rays can fade your furnishings. Likewise, your customers may feel uncomfortable while setting under the intense UV rays. Explore different window treatment options to find the right one that can filter the UV rays to protect your furnishings and allowing the customers to enjoy their time comfortably.

  • Energy efficiency– The high-energy bills can drastically increase the overhead costs of your business. So, if you are worried about the overhead costs, choosing energy-efficient window treatments can also be a way to reduce the overhead costs. For instance, window treatments like plywood shutters can decrease up to 30% heat flow through the window and keep the indoor environment cooler in summers and warmer in winters.

  • Longevity– Since window treatments are expensive; they are not replaced very frequently and considered a long-term investment. Therefore, choose high-quality window treatments that are versatile as well. In this regard, plywood shutters are one of the best options. They look beautiful for decades and add aesthetic to your commercial space.

  • Price– It is another major consideration while choosing the window treatment for your business. The window treatment at your commercial space should be considered a major investment. It helps to achieve the right look and set up the mood for your business. Never go with the cheap window treatment made of poor-quality material with quality construction. Choose high-quality window treatment that sets the mood and creates the right environment for your business.

Always go with customized window treatment options.

Since every business has different needs, the mass-produced window treatments will not accomplish your purpose. Instead, work with the window treatment experts who have a long experience in serving clients for commercial spaces. The window treatment experts will understand your business and personal goals to achieve the right window treatment style that makes your commercial space look beautiful and inviting to visitors. In this regard, Grace Nicolson at Window Treatment By Grace is highly recommended for you. She has enough experience in serving clients for the commercial and residential window treatments in Westlake Village.