Helpful Tips To Upkeep Your Roller Shades 

Roller shades are widely loved because of their sleek and clean appearance. Whether it is a modern home décor or classic, roller shades go very well with both. They are highly recommended for spaces that require space-efficient window treatment. When it comes to its features, they are great at blocking UV rays and maintaining the room temperature for your comfort level. Irrespective of the type of window treatment you choose, their upkeep is important. Here are some helpful tips to upkeep your roller shades;


Like many other window treatment options, window treatment also requires regular dusting to maintain its appearance and remove all dust settled over it. You can use microfiber cotton for the light dusting, which ensures no damage to the roller shades.

Spot cleaning 

For spot cleaning, we use a soft cloth or a sponge moistened with warm water. Then gently blot only the part of the roller shades that has a stain over it. Ensure you always use light cloth and gently rub it on the fabric, ensuring no damage to it.

Compressed air dryer 

You can use this method to dust off your roller shade. It is the easiest and quickest way to remove the dust from the roller shades.

Water immersion 

In this method, you immerse your shade in warm water with a mild cleaning solution. And then, wait for the next five minutes by gently moving the solution around your hands. Remember, this method is not recommended for decorative taps and window blinds. In the next step, rinse the roller shades in clear water and close the shade before removing them from the rinse water. Then hold the rails and tilt the roller shades to let the excess water drain off. Once the water is drained off properly, re-install the shade into your window. That’s it.

Regular maintenance

Besides regular cleaning, your window shades also require proper maintenance. Ensure you keep your shades shut during windy and rainy days to avoid any potential damage to your shades. Moreover, if you find any cracked or damaged roller shades, immediately replace the slats with new ones. This will ensure your investment in roller shades is cared for.

Cleaning and maintaining is a tedious task, but important to keep the roller shades looking aesthetically pleasing and functional. It is important regardless of the type of window treatments, whether roller shades, cellular shades, or draperies & window coverings in Malibu.