What To Consider While Selecting The Drapery?

First of all, it is important to understand that drapery and curtains are not the same. Though both the terms are used interchangeably. They are two different things designed for different purposes. Curtains, by nature, are light and give an airy feel. They are designed with sheer or nearly sheer fabric and are never lined. They allow some amount of light to filter and enter inside, while custom window drapery treatments in Calabasas is made of dense fabric, and when installed, it touches the floor.  Let’s know about the factors to consider while selecting a drapery.

  • Purpose– Before deciding on the drapery, you need to determine the purpose you want to achieve with the drapery. If you want to add complete privacy, then select drapery made of heavier fabric. If you struggle to sleep during the day or watch television, you should go with blackout drapery that eliminates glare and creates complete darkness in the room or living room.


  • Texture– Drapery is more like a decorative window treatment and is specially designed for a living room. Ensure you choose custom window drapery treatments in Calabasas. This will give you access to different textures that entice you. Get assistance from window treatment experts to choose drapery with the right texture, so it complements your living room décor.


  • Color– This is a major consideration while selecting a drapery for your space. If you want a drapery that blends well with the rest of the room décor, go with colors that match your room and furniture color. Or you can choose bolder and more contrasting colors that stand out more and highlight your window. However, if you plan to change your paint in the next few years, you should wear neutral color drapery.



  • Lined or unlined– Lining is simply a second piece of fabric sewn onto the back of the drapery. They add weight to the drapery, which makes the drapery hang properly.


  • Type of hanging material– The type of hanging material you pick largely affects the appearance of the custom window drapery treatments in Calabasas. There are grommet drapes that offer a more relaxed look, while hidden tabs offer a more casual look and often are used on outdoor curtains.


  • Fabric– Drapery comes with a variety of fabrics, and the most common ones include cotton, linen, velvet, silk, and polyester. Velvet drapery appears more luxurious and gives a plush and polished feel. They are very effective in blocking cold, heat, and light. Similarly, they dampen the noise.

Ending notes

Custom draperies are one of the popular window treatments designed to alleviate your living room appearance and add privacy. The reputed window treatment professional Grace Nicolson will assist you in selecting fabric, deciding on the texture and hardware, and getting the installation done properly.