Discover the Five Major Types of Custom Window Curtains

A curtain is one of the most beloved window treatment options that are lightweight, affordable, functional, and decorative. With a primary purpose to block the light, millions of people use window curtains in their living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Curtains also add curb appeal to your place and increase the energy efficiency of the home. The best part is, you have endless curtain types to choose from that suit your taste, without losing the primary functionality. Here we have shared some of the most popular custom window curtains types in the Pacific Palisades. Let’s get started.

  • Panel Pair– This type of window curtains feature two separate curtain panels. For each curtain panel, you place a curtain on either side of your window. You pull each curtain panel together to close the curtains. The best thing is, the panel pair curtains can be tied back to get a symmetrical look for your window.

  • Single panel– As its name indicates, it features the single curtain panel that covers the entire window. The curtain can be pulled on both sides to open. Like panel pairs, they can also be tied to create an asymmetrical look. This type of window curtain is a timeless style and a decorate piece of window treatment. They suit every window type and home décor. You simply need to choose the right color and pattern that go together the home décor and reflects your personality.

  • Valance– These are short curtains that usually hang on the top of the window and act as an optional decorative addition to any window. You can use valance to add a decorative flair on your window where the full-length window curtains are not preferred. Valances are available separately or you can also get the volcano as a part of the full window treatment set.

  • Window scarf– It is a long and thin piece of curtain that is hanged from the top of the window. This curtain type is almost similar to Valance, considered an ultimate way to create a dramatic look to your window treatment.

  • Liner– The liners are an optional add-on. If you already have sheer curtains, it can be a great addition to increase privacy and durability. The liner curtains can have additional features like insulation and noise blocking.

Choose the right material for the window curtains

No matter which type of window curtain you pick, choosing the right material should be the next priority. Linen, cotton, synthetic materials, burlap, lace, silk, and velvet are some most popular fabric options for window curtains.

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