A Short-Guide To Different Indoor Shutter Styles 

Indoor window shutters come in different styles, but which one would be better for your space is the major concern for many homeowners. This short guide is created to throw some light on different window shutter styles. By the end of reading this guide, you will have clarity on choosing the perfect custom indoor window shutters in Pacific Palisades.

  • Café-style shutters– It is one of the most popular forms of indoor window shutters designed to add privacy and deliver light without obstructing the outside view. They can be made of different materials, right from composite shutters, to polymer, and wood. Café-style shutters start from the center of the window and extend to the bottom frame. They are perfect for rooms like the kitchen and bathroom because of the durability factor.

  • Tier-on-tier– These are made of two shutter panels that hang, and one sits above the other. This is the reason why they are known as tier-on-tier. You can open and close the top and bottom parts of the window independently.

  • Plantation shutter– It is a commonly used window shutter for dining rooms and bedrooms. They are designed to maximize sunlight access and keep the humidity away when closed. They also have fresh air access even when they are closed. Plantation shutters are available with angled slats and wide louvers that are fixed at a series of regular intervals.

  • Ovation shutter-They are designed in such a way so you can adjust the amount of light entering your room. They are made of furniture-grade wood or teak with various stains to boost indoor décor and furniture.

  • Louver shutters– It is a very popular shutter style that features little slats that remain at a fixed angle in fixed louver shutters. This is a popular choice in homes with warmer temperatures as they can provide proper ventilation, and once closed, they keep out cold, rain, and sunlight.

Get installation help from Window Treatment by Grace 

All the discussed window shutters work great, depending on your needs. Once you have determined which one to choose, get in touch with our window treatment expert. In fact, if you are still in a dilemma about which one to choose, our window treatment expert will assist you in selecting the right custom design window shutters in Pacific Palisades, considering all factors in mind. Hence, reach out today and get the free estimate!