Interesting Tips To Decorate Your Space With Roller Shades

When you have shifted to your new home, the very next thing you will have to work on is interior decoration. Window treatment is an important aspect of interior decoration. Decorative roller shades for windows in Malibu are one of the best window treatments that add a luxury touch to your space. In this post, we have shared some interesting tips to decorate your space with roller shades creatively.

What are roller shades?

They are wonderful window coverings that perfectly sit flat against the window, rolling up and down with the help of a cord to look outside. If you choose a motorized version of roller shades, they can be lowered and raised with a single press of your remote control.

Following are the tips to decorate your space with roller shades;

  • Pick a solid neutral color to achieve a clean and sleek appearance. Though roller shades come with a variety of colors, designs, and patterns, choosing a solid neutral color is perfect to have a minimalist look.
  • Pick brightly colored roller shades for your kid’s room– Brightly colored roller shades will make your kid’s room more lively and happening. No parents want their kid’s room to look dull and boring.
  • Try woven shades- Though you have numerous material options including bamboo and woven grass, you can pair woven shades with white walls to create a beautiful texture.
  • Install roller shades with drapery- Drapery is installed to add luxury to your space. When combined with roller shades, you take the luxury factor to the next level. Along with it, it will give you maximum privacy and natural light whenever you want.
  • Try patterned shades to make a statement– If you have a simple room with no patterns, then try patterned shades. It will make a statement and instantly give your room a decorative touch. The patterned shades will draw more attention to the window.
  • Install valance– This is another interesting tip to decorate your room. The valance installation at the top of your window creates an architectural design element that makes beautify your space.

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