The perfect window treatment solution starts with understanding your specific window treatment needs. During our consultation, we completely access your window and space to which you want to give a new window treatment. Based on your specific needs and space, we make honest recommendations. To get a free window treatment consultation, fill our contact form on our website or email at

Color consultation

Grace Nicholson has years of experience in the window treatment industry. She is well-versed with all window treatment aspects, including color selection, fabric choice, wall coverings, and more. Her expertise will help you create an ideal window treatment solution with the right color combinations, reflecting your style. Get in touch with her for expert color consultation with a plethora of color pint samples with vouchers.

Furniture and area rugs

Furniture and area rugs are key considerations for window treatment. Renowned interior designing specialists suggest you window treatment options that complement your home furniture and area rugs. Rugs have various colors. Our specialists make sure at least one color matches your window curtains or blinds.


The right placement of accessories makes your room as nicer as you thought it would. Interior designers at Window Treatment By Grace assist you create an ambiance you want with creative placement of accessories like lamps, gift items, and placement of various lights and fixtures.

Interior design consultation

Either you have shifted to a new home or want to redecorate your living space or dining room, get the right interior design consultation advice at Window Treatment By Grace. We will take a tour of your place together and discuss what is working best for you and what is not. We make the best use of furnishings, lighting, space layout, the addition of millwork and other architectural elements, art, window coverings, and decor pieces to design your space elegantly.