Santa Monica

Update Your Window Treatment And Enhance Your Home Appearance

At Window Treatment By Grace, we have brought the best residential widow treatment service in Santa Monica, a coastal city of downtown Los Angeles. If you reside in Santa Monica or recently shifted into a new home and looking forward to boosting the existing home décor, updating the window treatment is an ultimate idea.

We believe that simply by updating the window treatment, the home’s overall feel can be changed. But make sure you choose custom window treatment to ensure it is functional. Here Window Treatment By Grace works in and assist you in everything right from choosing the residential window treatment, including custom curtains, custom draperies, and window coverings in Santa Monica.

Get in-home consultation by Window Treatment by Grace.

For a true understanding of how curtains will look, we provide an in-home consultation, where you can touch the fabric and take it close to the décor to see how it will go with the home décor. Plus, we will help you make the best design, color, and pattern selection to match your window treatment with your home’s existing décor, ensuring the window treatment also suits your style preference and reflects your personality.

Instead of moving back and forth to the window treatment store for the mass-produced window treatment, we will bring the store to your home through the in-home consultation.

Accurate measurement for proper window treatment installation

Improperly installing window treatments is noticeable and affects the window treatment’s actual functionality. You should not take the risk of installing the window treatment on your own, especially when you don’t have proper tools.

Our window treatment experts are equipped with the proper tools required for accurate measurement. Moreover, we have a thorough understanding and experience of taking the proper measurement to fit your window perfectly, both length and width.

Rods, Tiebacks, Brackets, Holdbacks, Rings, Clips, and Finials

No matter which curtain-type you choose, curtain hardware is important as well. For curtains and draperies, the hardware works to hold the window coverings, allows you to push the window coverings to bring them in place. Most importantly, the hardware adds value to your window treatment and makes it look more sophisticated. At Window Treatment by Grace, we assist you in selecting the right set of hardware for your window treatment type, including the curtains.

Below are some of the most popular hardware options;

  • Rings- The beautiful set of curtains must have a beautiful set of rings to hang from. We offer a wide array of rings that complement your curtains.
  • Tiebacks- These are used to pull back your curtains or draperies from your window. Tiebacks also make your window curtains look fascinating.
  • Cleats– Cleats help to pull back cords from your window curtains. Ensure you choose the beautiful cleats that can increase the overall style of your window treatment.
  • Decorative Finials- These are attached to the end of the curtain rods, offering a nice finishing touch to your window treatment.

We offer superior quality and workmanship in Santa Monica

The famous quote, “You get what you pay for,” truly applies to the window treatments. Even though mass-produced may appear inexpensive, but this often comes with the cost of substandard quality parts and workmanship. For instance, the mass-produced window curtains may discolor and shrink.

With the guidance from Window Treatment By Grace on fabric selection, finishes, light, and heat control features, you will have the satisfaction that you have selected the high-quality window curtains and get them installed professionally.

We offer valuable advice from window treatment experts

Our window treatment experts provide you a valuable piece of advice you don’t get from the big mass-produced window treatment stores. Experts have years of experience that backs up their recommendations on fabric, design, style, color, measurement, and installation.

Whether it is custom design window shutters or blinds in Santa Monica, we, as a popular window treatment consultant, are happy to help you. We will pay a visit to your place for a free consultation to candidly discuss your options, and find the beautiful window treatment solution within your budget.