The Custom Made Bay Window Curtains And Draperies By In Pacific Palisades

Curtains and draperies are commonly used window treatments in households. They offer a classic and timeless look to any space. With curtains and draperies, you get endless customization options with plenty of colors, styles, patterns, and textures to choose from. At Window Treatment By Grace, we assist you in finding the ultimate look for your space by suggesting the right set of curtains and window draperies in Pacific Palisades considering existing décor of your place.

What is the difference between curtains and draperies?

Often the word ‘Curtain’ is interchangeably used with the draperies. But these are two different things with a couple of differences. Let’s understand the differences.

  • Draperies are more formal window covering than the sets of curtains. For instance, draperies are used in formal settings like dining homes or high-end hotels and restaurants. However, the curtains are seen on windows at places like restaurants, dormitory rooms, offices, homes, etc.
  • Draperies are made of denser and darker fabric than curtains. As a result, they are at good at blocking light from entering the room, providing complete darkness.
  • Draperies are operated by a drawstring, while curtains are gently opened and closed by pulling the fabric.
  • Draperies are generally floor-length, whereas curtains are dropped just below the window sill.
  • Draperies are usually longer than the standard set of curtains.

Either you chose a set of curtains or draperies, it is more important to determine your purpose. If you are in a dilemma, we at Window Treatment By Grace guide you rightly on both possibilities, so you can decide on the best option that suits your space and meet your purpose.

Should curtains touch the floor?

For most spaces, the curtains touch the ground. There are some situations where curtains touching the ground may not make sense, like bathrooms and kitchen windows or windows nearby furniture and counters. In these situations, make sure the custom window curtains in Pacific Palisades are not floor-length.

We help you choose the right hardware for your window curtains.

Choosing the right hardware is equally important while choosing the window coverings. The window hardware applies to curtain rods and other accessories related to window treatments. The role of hardware is quite bigger than we think. Hardware makes the window treatment functional, adds sophistication to the window treatment, and keeps your home secured through the window.

Blackout curtains- An energy-efficient window treatment

The best thing about the blackout curtain is the ability to block sunlight from entering the room. Some people work overnight shifts and sleep during the day. Since blackout curtains are made of dark and dense fabric, they can even block 99% of sunlight from penetrating the room, creating a perfect ambiance for sleeping for such folks.

It is important to make sure you choose a blackout curtain made of dense and dark fabric, and big enough to cover your window from top to bottom. Then it can only serve its purpose. Reducing the energy cost is another key benefit of using blackout curtains. Usually, 25% of thermal energy can be lost through your window. With blackout curtains, you can save energy and reduce your energy bills up to 25%. In summer, blackout curtains keep your cool. However, in winters, it traps in the heat indoor and keeps the room warm and cozy.

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We welcome you, listen to you carefully, and understand what exactly you want. Then assist you in determining your style, and provide you expert advice through the entire process step by step, whether installing custom design window shutters, blinds, and custom window draperies by Grace in Pacific Palisades.

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