How To Choose Roman shades?

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Roman shades have been in use for decades, and they are equally popular today as well even though there are a couple of new window treatments have been introduced. Roman shades can be dressed up to any style of window treatment and suit all room decors. Choosing the custom option is always recommended as custom window roman shades in Camarillo are available with a range of styles.

What are Roman shades?

A roman shade is a highly preferred window covering style that features soft drapes or crisp folds of fabric when the roman shade is lifted. They are operated using a pull cord to raise and lower the fabric. While selecting the roman shades, several important things need to check, some of which are discussed below.

Control option

While selecting the roman shades, considering the control options is a must. Basically, roman shades come with three different types of control options, including electric motors, a continuous loop system, a cleat, or a cord. Electric motors or motorized shades are highly recommended because it adds the utmost comfort. They can be raised and lowered by pressing the single button on the remote control given with the motorized shades. In fact, when the motorized roman shades are integrated with the smart home system, they can be programmed to raise and lower at a specific time of the day automatically. On the other hand, roman shades with continuous loops and cords are operated manually.


This is optional. But by adding the lining to your roman shades, you can enhance the privacy of your room. Similarly, the black lining will add darkness to your room. This is the reason why roman shades serve best for the media rooms and bedrooms.

Mounting options

While buying the roman shades, you need to decide on whether you want to mount them a couple of inches above the trim or within the window casing. Mounting above the trim will allow your shades to be the center of attraction without requiring additional window treatment.

Types of fold

Roman shades are available with multiple fold styles, while flat and hobbled are the most popular options. Flat-style panels fold and unfold over the next as you adjust the height. When the roman shades are raised, pleats lie flat and stack up each other. This style offers a chic and modern appearance. On the other hand, if you are looking to create a drapery look, hobbled style is the best option. As you raise the shade, a large amount of fabric gently cascades. Another popular fold style is the European fold, which is almost similar to the flat fold style with the only difference of a curve at the bottom of the shades that form a letter “U”.

Cleaning methods

Many of us overlook checking the cleaning method while selecting any window treatment. But it must be considered. It will help you reduce the efforts to clean different types of window treatments. Therefore, while selecting the roman shades, check the cleaning instructions carefully. Cleaning the roman shades in the right way prevents you from causing any damage to the roman shades.


Thankfully, window treatment experts are operating to assist homeowners with choosing the right window treatments, including roman shades, custom indoor window shutters, or any other in Malibu.

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