Just wanted to give you a window (no pun intended) into the most commonly asked questions I get from clients who are intrigued by my services. Client satisfaction is number-one for me. I always tailor every project to my client's needs, desires and ideas. But these questions offer a solid overview on the process of working with me and what to expect from the dream window treatments I will deliver for you!
1Do you do a consultation with clients before getting started?

Yes I do. I give free consultations; I also give you free design ideas based on our talk.

I give consultations to maximize what we can do in the time that you have. Consultations also help me to meet your requirements in what you're looking for.

I make sure you're comfortable throughout the process, all the way to the final decision. I'm always right there to support you.

Once you commit to working with me, and to the pricing for the project, we will sign a contract and then have a second consultation to get everything started for you.

For clients with bigger projects, say a need for twenty windows or more, it can be hard to envision fully how all the windows will appear in the home. This is particularly true for treatment options like Roman shades or draperies.

I offer something very special to large-order clients in our second consultation: a working sample, 24x24 in size, taken from the precise fabric you want, and based on a cut-for-approval from one of my premium vendors. This is completely free of charge.

This working sample demonstrates exactly what you will receive from me. You get a crystal-clear example of what the windows will look like under the reflections of the light. It eliminates any surprises or disappointment.

NO ONE in the industry provides this level of personalized service for you. This is something unique to Windows by Grace.

My consultations are my way of giving you extraordinary customer service and making sure you are 100% satisfied with your windows!

2Where did you learn your expertise on beautiful windows?

To build up my woman-owned business, many years of experience have been invested. To this day, I still take continuing education to keep my knowledge as fresh as possible.

My approach to window treatments comes from years of serious study in interior design. I have taken dozens of seminars and masterclasses with industry giants to learn even more and keep up with the latest trends in the design space.

I have also worked directly with many high-end designers over the years. The knowledge I gleaned from this experience is invaluable. It really helps set me apart from others who don't have that hands-on wisdom. I took all the great tips and tricks from these experts and I simplified it, making it more approachable and practical for the wide range of clients that I currently serve.

3What areas do you work in?

I have beautified windows and homes for happy clients in all of the following cities:


  • Bel Air
  • Beverly Hills
  • Brentwood
  • Calabasas
  • Malibu
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Pasadena
  • Santa Monica
  • Simi Valley
  • West Hollywood

    • Montecito
    • Santa Barbara
    • Thousand Oaks
4What's the difference between custom-made and ready-made window treatments?

In a nutshell? Custom-made equals complete customer satisfaction. Ready-made equals "you get what you pay for," like it or not.

My custom-made window dressings use extremely high quality materials. Custom-made window treatments are as functional as they are beautiful. I can get really specific on the exact color, texture, and thickness of fabric to fulfill my client's wishes to the maximum.

Ready-made curtains are mass-produced to be cost-effective. This means using poor materials. Dealing with shoddy workmanship because it's "cheap." What you save on money, you lose in quality and that "perfect" look for your home.

Big stores like Home Depot or Loews don’t take responsibility for your happiness. They don’t treat you like a person. They treat you like a number.

But with my custom-made treatments, you will be honored as a unique and valuable person who wants to express something beautiful.

Whenever there is an issue, my top priority is customer service and satisfaction. My reputation is built on this.

My job is to make my client's dream come true. That's not possible with ready-made. Only with custom-made curtains and drapes can you go above and beyond in terms of how happy you are with the final look.

5But custom window treatments really worth it?

Without a doubt - YES!

If you want to enhance the look of your home... bring warmth into any room... you NEED custom window treatments. Period.

A room without perfect window dressings is like Cinderella without a gown. No gown, no ball.

Without the right window treatments, your whole home will feel incomplete.

Custom-made window treatments are checked to the final detail, personally by me, to make sure they are perfectly in line.

Do you have unique-shaped windows? Custom treatments are the way to go. I can create treatments that highlight the character of the windows and are still functional.

Ready-made drapes and curtains typically have no lining. My custom treatments always have lining. You need lining to let the fabric lay consistently, to give the entire window a professional, full, elegant look.

I customize the window treatments to the perfect length. This gives the window extra height and width and makes the whole room feel bigger and airier and more spacious.

Custom windows like this give your entire home that "wow" factor.

6What is your process in working with a new client?

I normally will interview you over the phone and learn more about your desires for your windows.

We will discuss the style of your home. The furniture you have. The dominant color of your home. Details about your lifestyle. Do you have kids? Pets?

I am picking up on little details as we chat. Details about your needs and the style and design of windows that will work best for your home

7How long does it take to get my window treatments ready?
From the time I receive your initial deposit, the whole process takes about two to three weeks.
8How much does it cost to work with you?
The price can vary depending on the exact needs of your windows, and what I need to make your dreams come true. When we set up a consultation, I am always happy to discuss cost and pricing with you.
9Do you do repairs? Upholstery? Alterations?

I do upholstery and alterations. I also do custom pillows and custom bedding.

I do not do repairs at this time.

10How do I keep my window treatments clean?

Step #1: Invest in custom-made window treatments from me. When I work with clients with kids, for example, I use blended materials with polyester and natural fibers for the window dressing. This window treatment style is naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Step #2: Get rid of any excess by vacuuming the stain with a dusting brush attachment or special nozzle for blinds.

Step #3: Prepare a mix of warm water and mild soap.

Step #4: Get a microfiber towel (the kind for cleaning eyeglasses) and lightly wet it with the mix.

Step #5: Blot the stain with the moist microfiber towel until the stain is gone.

Step #6: Let the curtain fabric air-dry.