Factors to Consider While Picking Roller Shades

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Roller shades are one of the ultimate ways to dress up your windows. The convenience, beautiful appearance, and style that the roller shades add to your space are unparalleled only if you manage to find ideal roll-up window shades blinds in Malibu. There are a plethora of options out there which can leave you to feel overwhelmed. But when you are aware of the key factors to pick the roller shades, picking roller shades will get easier for you.

Following are the major factors to consider while picking the roller shades;

  • Convenience– Do you have kids and pets? If yes, avoid picking roller shades that have cords hanging down. Your kids and pets tend to play with cords which are result in an accident and can damage the roller shades. Nowadays, there are roller shades available with no cords, which make it a safer option when you have kids and pets at home.

  • Understand your space– It is the first step to consider while looking for roller shades. Take a closer look at your space and determine where exactly you want to install the roller shades. Also, understand the color of your home interior and take a precise measurement of the window to install the roller shades.

  • Determine the position– Where exactly you want to place your roller shades, behind the window or ahead of it. Usually, the roller shades are installed ahead of the window, but if you want to give a different look to your window, try roller shades placed behind the window.

  • Choose the right material– If you are looking for roller shades to filter the light to give warmth to your space, choose materials like cotton, linen, or silk. If you want to block sunlight completely, pick dense and heavier material to cover your window.

  • Understand the roller shade styles– Roller shades basically come in two styles: simple and designer. If you want to create a simple and classy appearance, then go with simple and plain style. However, if you want something more flashy, you can pick from the designer shades. The window treatment experts will give you insight into the right design that suits your home’s interior.

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