March 9, 2020

Most Popular Window Treatment Trends and Styles in 2020

Trends come and go, so I always take what I hear with a grain of salt. But there are two trends this year that will probably last through next year and beyond.  They’re that effective in terms of beautifying the home. I’m talking about neutrals and simple functionality. Get in touch with me  to learn how I can make these work for you. Neutrals Many of my repeat clients are based in Pacific Palisades and Bel-Air. One note I hear from them has rung true for clients outside of these more upscale neighborhoods: simplicity and elegance.  And when it comes to simplicity and elegance, I automatically think neutrals. Neutral colors are the classic choice to bring harmony and unity to a space. They are timeless. They bring both versatility and style. They also let you bring in a pop of color with accents like colorful throw pillows. Delicate wood tones, warm light browns and vibrant whites are all the rage so far this year. Here’s some thoughts on my favorite neutrals to talk about with clients. Taupe and grey: elegant earthiness. Practical. Quietly regal. If your furniture and decor are cooler in tone, I might direct you to grey as the best complement. If you want something a little warmer, we would talk about the taupe and its comforting notes of brown. Classic blue: The freshness and peace of the coast. The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year. This is a go-to color especially for homes with a decor that’s already neutral. A touch of blue in the window treatments will pull the room together and foster a tranquil atmosphere. Sheer: I love a neutral sheer drape because it’s ageless and simple. My clients have loved their flowiness, how the light dances with them. They also bring a lot of serenity into a home. All-white: Want that airy, bright feeling? You will probably want pure white window treatments. They just […]