Explore the Different length Options of the Window Curtains

The length of the curtains largely impacts the overall appearance window. In fact, it is the ultimate way to achieve a certain window curtain styles. But not all window curtains lengths fit for all windows. Therefore, the custom-made window curtains in Santa Monica are the way to get the desired length of curtains for your place. Let’s know about the different curtain lengths.

  • Apron– These types of curtains extend the look of your window. The curtain rod is installed a little higher than the actual window and the curtain extends a few inches below the window sill. These are usually considered for small spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. When closed, these curtains make your window looks larger than it is.

  • Sill– These curtains are considered best for the window that remains open all the time. Sill length curtains are usually preferred for the bathroom, kitchen, and smaller size windows. These are hanged on the curtains rod and ends above the window sill.

  • Floor– The floor-length curtains are ideal for ceiling windows. These curtains end just a few inches above the floor. Floor-length curtains are occasionally opened. They are generally used to create an illusion of a floor-to-ceiling window. If you want to add aesthetics to your space, then floor-length is perhaps the best for curtains.

  • Puddle– These are extra-long floor-length curtains and are several inches longer than the window. Puddle-length window curtains are used to create a romantic and dramatic look for your window treatment.

As the length of the curtains is an important consideration, width is another major consideration while deciding on the curtain size. They are also available in different widths, but ensure you choose a curtain almost double in width than the window width. It will help to create a more dramatic look.

Why choose Window treatment professionals?

Whether you want a sill-length or floor-length curtain type, all you need to do is choose the custom-made window curtains. The window treatment experts will assist you in deciding the right length that suits your applications and accomplishes your purpose. Plus, they will take precise measurements to design the curtains with the desired length.

In this regard, Window Treatment By Grace is a perfect place where Grace Nicolson will assist you for the custom window curtains and drapery custom window treatments in Santa Monica. She has a long experience in serving various clients of residential and commercial custom window treatment projects.

Six Different Types of Window Shades to Consider For Your Space

If you visualize your dream home, you usually pay attention to luxury furniture, state-to-the-art electric gadgets, spacious, cutting-edge bathroom, especially a beautiful window treatment that draws the visitors’ attention.

Since you are reading this handy post, you will know about the different window shades to pick the best one that suits your home best. For instance, the cellular shades and roller shades are among the most trending window treatments in Malibu, giving a finishing touch to your dream home. Read on.


It is a classic window treatment option that works great with every home interior and looks attractive from both outside and inside. Shutters are a timeless window treatment option that uplifts the home’s appearance. Your guest may not remember the color of your furniture, but they will remember how beautiful and colorful shutters you have. Shutters are custom-made window treatments, so they can fit your window perfectly to have a flawless appearance.

Roller shades

Roller shades window treatments in Malibu, are another popular window shades that can be considered for the dream home. They work equally well with residential and commercial spaces to offer a clean appearance without distracting from the home décor. If you prefer to have natural sunlight in your room, you will appreciate roller shades.

You can manually roll up and down to control the sunlight access. Manufacturers have also introduced a motorized system with roller shades, which allows you to roll up and down the roller shades via remote control from the comfort of your couch. Motorized roller shades add convenience, which means you have installed the roller shades at hard-to-reach areas and operate via remote control. To ensure the roller shades complement your home interior, you select from the range of styles and color variants. In short, roller shades give you better light control and are easy to install and use.

Skylight window shades

Many newly built homes nowadays have skylight windows. If you have such a home, then you can understand the significance of installing skylight window shades. The skylight window shades not only keep the light out of your room but also make the room look more stylish. Since it is a window shade, you will never run out of different styles and designs that complement the surrounding areas of your skylight. The affordability is another best thing about it. All you have to do is speak to your window treatment experts for installing the skylight window shades. Most skylight window shades are weather-coated, motorized, and manual options and easier to install.

Cellular shades

These window shades excel when it comes to quality and function. Thick honeycomb fabric traps air at the window, protecting the interior from cold winds in winters and hot air in summers. Its sheer fabric is another excellent feature that offers privacy. Likewise, the cellular shades allow you to choose between the bottom-up and the top-down feature that lets you lift the shade of the top of your window or lower it down to the window sill.

Cellular shades are amazing window treatments in terms of functionality, including light control, insulation, and light control. You can also pair the cellular shades with other decorative window treatments to give a unique look to your window.

Solar window shades

It is designed to minimize the amount of sunlight that enters the indoor by retaining a bit of outside view. It is the perfect window treatment when it comes to protecting yourself from the harsh sunlight. It reduces but does not entirely block the sunlight. It is usually made of durable woven polyethylene that gives a lightweight feel.

Sheer shades

It basically diffuses the sunlight that enters through the window. You will have light flooding your room with a warm and soft glow. But if you want to block more light, you can choose to room darkening shades. Sheer shades also come with a motorized system for easy and smooth operation. With many advanced features, it also complements the room décor.

Why choose Window Treatment By Grace

Whether it is roller shades, cellular shades, or sheer shades, the window treatments experts at Window Treatment By Grace will make sure the window shades complement your interior and stay functional. Our window treatment experts are highly trained and knowledgeable professionals committed to delivering the best window treatment services to their clients.

How To Clean Your Window Blinds Of All Types?

Not everyone likes cleaning the window treatments as it is a tedious and time-consuming task. But at the same time, cleaning the window treatment is not that difficult if you know about your window treatment type and the right cleaning method. Read to learn about window blinds types in Pacific Palisades, and the right cleaning methods.

Types of window blinds


Meta blinds

Metal blinds can be made of various metals. And aluminum is the most popular material for window blind because it offers durability. Aluminum blinds can withstand long exposure to intense sun rays that can cause damage. In fact, they last for years when properly cared for and cleaned. Plus, aluminum does not rust and relatively affordable material.

All you have to do is use a dry rag to wipe off any dust and dirt that clung on the blind surface. If it has been a while since you last cleaned the window blinds, then use the combination of soap and water to remove all stubborn dirt from the blind surface.

Wooden blinds

Wood is the second most popular material used for window blinds. It is known for its style and sophistication. But at the same time, it is relatively expensive than the other materials used to manufacture the wooden blinds.

The wooden is usually used to give a classic touch to the home appearance. Nothing can beat the feel and look of the natural wood. But when it comes to cleaning the wood blinds, make sure you are extra careful. Never wash your wooden blinds with water because it can discolor the blinds and cause molds on its surface. Also, you should avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage your window blinds. The best way to clean the wooden blinds is to use a soft cloth or dry duster to wipe off the dust and dirt gently.

Faux wood blinds

The wood blinds are great, but they are expensive window treatment. People who want the feel of natural wood can switch to faux wood blind, which is a very affordable option. Plus, faux wood blinds are easier to clean than wooden blinds. Water is never an issue with the faux wood blind as they are resistant to moisture. The best way to clean the faux wood blind is to use a soft rag or a combination of soap, water, and damp cloth to clean the slats.

Fabric blinds

Synthetic fiber is used to manufacture roller shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, roman shades, and vertical fabric blinds. Blinds made of synthetic fiber are great for light filtering and available in various colors and styles. However, when cleaning the synthetic fiber, a vacuum cleaner will be very helpful. You can use the dust brush of your vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt that gets accumulated on your blind slats. Interestingly, you can also use a hairdryer to blow away the dust and bugs that build upon the blind.  To clean the stubborn spot, you can damp rag and dab to remove the same.

Plastic blinds

Plastic blinds are often made of vinyl or PVC. They are a popular choice as they are an inexpensive and durable option. Plastic blinds are washable and less likely to break. You can clean the plastic blinds by wiping them with a dry cloth, soap, and water mixture. So, if you don’t have enough time to clean and maintain, plastic blinds must be the top choice. Explore the different materials used for manufacturing the plastic blinds before buying the same.

Why consider deep cleaning of window blinds?

If it is a window blind installed in the kitchen area, it requires deep cleaning regularly. Since the cooking produces grease, moisture, and fumes the window blinds accumulate grease, moisture, and other residues. All you have to do is take off your window blinds from the window and place them in the bathtub with warm water. Now add some dish soap and baking soda to the water and soak the window blinds. Let the blinds soak for an hour, and then rinse with the warm water. Eventually, wipe away the dust and dirt from the blinds. This cleaning process is only considered when you have aluminum and plastic blinds in the kitchen area.

Final words

You can speak to window treatment experts who have long experience in custom window blinds and custom exterior window shutters solutions in Pacific Palisades for more cleaning and maintenance tips.

Why Should You Choose Roller Shades For Office?

The right window treatment adds a sense of luxury and style to your office space without creating any distraction. The penetration of natural light through the window works as a mood enhancer and creates a healthy work environment. But at the same time, an excess amount of sunlight for a long time does not always promote a productive work environment.

This is why light control is a must by installing the right window treatment option. In short, light control is the critical requirement while choosing the window treatment for office space. And then decide on the style and luxury. In this regard, the decorative roller shades for a window in Malibu can be a perfect choice.

Window shades

Widow shades are the ultimate option for the office space and available in various colors and designs, materials, styles, and designs. All these qualities make the window shades a versatile window treatment option. Depending on the material you choose, the window shades are excellent at adding energy efficiency to any space. It helps to regulate the building temperatures and keep the indoor environment comfortable for work. There are plenty of options available when it comes to window shades. However, roller shades are excellent ways to achieve the goal of light control and add style to your office window.

Roller shades for office space 

Roller shades are highly preferred for office spaces because of their clean appearance and versatility. They look beautiful yet simple and available in a variety of colors, designs, and fabrics. Most importantly, it is very easy to clean the roller shades and not take too much time. They can be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge with lukewarm water.

If you want to block the natural light completely, then choose the blackout roller shades. It is also available in various dark colors and dense materials.

Why Window Treatment By Grace?

Choosing the right window treatment is not just enough. You need to pay attention to various important details for the right installation of the window treatment. Here the window treatment professionals come in. They will carry out the entire window treatment work, right from taking an accurate measurement, selecting the right window treatment, picking the right material, ensuring the widow treatment can control the light. Finally, they use various tools to get the window treatment installation done perfectly. Hence, approach our window treatment experts for the right roll-up window shades blinds in Malibu.

A Handy Guide to Why Window Curtains Are Important

Having a window in your home is extremely important for ventilation as it allows the natural light to enter the indoor. To cover the window and control the natural light, you can find a range of window treatment options. The window treatment is not necessary but also considered a decorative accessory that can completely transform the indoor space or elevate the home décor. But in this guide will discuss the most common window treatment option, i.e., window curtains.

Curtains offer privacy

One of the significant features of the window curtains is to guard your privacy. Installing the window curtains in your window prevents strangers outside to peek and pry into your home. The window curtain allows you to enjoy your private life without worrying someone is peeking inside through the window and making you uncomfortable. Likewise, if you have a noisy neighbor who has a bad habit of peep now and then, opt for the blackout curtains that perfectly cover your window and prevent neighbors from invading your privacy.

Install curtains to segregate two areas when needed

Curtains are also used to segregate two areas where you don’t want to build a permanent wall. The window curtains segregate the two areas without occupying any space. But ensure you choose the full-length living room curtains that perfectly divide the area when needed.

Curtains filter and block the natural light.

Controlling the natural light entering your space is another significant benefit of having a window curtain. They allow you to create a complete dark inside or keep it bright during the day. However, if you choose sheer curtains that allow you to have some sunlight, ensuring privacy is not affected.

Curtains are energy efficient.

Did you know more than half of the heat and cooling generated by AC and heating systems leaks out through the window? As a result, you get compelled to fully run the AC and heating system, which ultimately increases your energy bills. But at the same time, if you have the right window curtains paired with window blinds or roller shades, you can keep the heat and warmth inside in chilly winters. Likewise, you can keep the cooling area inside the room during the hot summer days.

Speak to Grace Nicolson, a popular window treatment specialists

No idea what type of window curtains will accomplish your purpose, speak to Grace Nicolson. She will have a brief discussion with you and help you get the best window curtains for your space installed. She is a highly experienced window treatment specialist, serving hundreds of clients from different walks of life.

Discover the Five Major Types of Custom Window Curtains

A curtain is one of the most beloved window treatment options that are lightweight, affordable, functional, and decorative. With a primary purpose to block the light, millions of people use window curtains in their living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Curtains also add curb appeal to your place and increase the energy efficiency of the home. The best part is, you have endless curtain types to choose from that suit your taste, without losing the primary functionality. Here we have shared some of the most popular custom window curtains types in the Pacific Palisades. Let’s get started.

  • Panel Pair– This type of window curtains feature two separate curtain panels. For each curtain panel, you place a curtain on either side of your window. You pull each curtain panel together to close the curtains. The best thing is, the panel pair curtains can be tied back to get a symmetrical look for your window.

  • Single panel– As its name indicates, it features the single curtain panel that covers the entire window. The curtain can be pulled on both sides to open. Like panel pairs, they can also be tied to create an asymmetrical look. This type of window curtain is a timeless style and a decorate piece of window treatment. They suit every window type and home décor. You simply need to choose the right color and pattern that go together the home décor and reflects your personality.

  • Valance– These are short curtains that usually hang on the top of the window and act as an optional decorative addition to any window. You can use valance to add a decorative flair on your window where the full-length window curtains are not preferred. Valances are available separately or you can also get the volcano as a part of the full window treatment set.

  • Window scarf– It is a long and thin piece of curtain that is hanged from the top of the window. This curtain type is almost similar to Valance, considered an ultimate way to create a dramatic look to your window treatment.

  • Liner– The liners are an optional add-on. If you already have sheer curtains, it can be a great addition to increase privacy and durability. The liner curtains can have additional features like insulation and noise blocking.

Choose the right material for the window curtains

No matter which type of window curtain you pick, choosing the right material should be the next priority. Linen, cotton, synthetic materials, burlap, lace, silk, and velvet are some most popular fabric options for window curtains.

Why choose Window Treatment By Grace?

Grace Nicholson is a well-known window treatment consultant who believes that satisfied customers are the deepest source of pride for her. Many years of hands-on experience and passion to decorate the client’s homes with choosing the unique style window treatment are the key tools for Grace Nicholson.

Either it is window curtains, custom blinds, or window treatments in Pacific Palisades, she is the right professional to choose from. Hence, if you are skeptical about which type of window curtains would complement your home interior, speak to her right away. She loves listening to the clients and then gives the right suggestions based on your personal preferences, existing décor, without compromising the primary features of the specific window treatment.

Know the Different Styles of Indoor Window Shutters

The window shutters are beautiful window treatment options for your home décor. They have been around for decades. Meanwhile, the window shutters have undergone frequent upgrades. This is why you can window shutters with different styles.


What are shutters?


These solid and sturdy window treatments are set within a framework of vertical slats and horizontal rails. The window shutters include interior and exteriors shutters. The interior shutters are installed inside the house, while the exterior shutters are installed outside the building. The custom indoor window shutters in Pacific Palisades can be designed as a single unit; they are customized into multiple sections, which allow the different areas to be opened and closed separately.


The window shutters are the most luxurious window treatment options with different types and styles. We have covered the most popular window shutter styles that homeowners can try to give an overall boost appearance to their space.


French door shutters- French or patio door shutters allow more light to enter your space. These window shutters come in different sizes and shapes. Remember, the ready-made French door shutters do not work out. Instead, approach the window treatment professionals who will visit your place and take a precise measurement of your window to design right size French door shutters.


Café shutters- These style shutters are known as half shutters that get their name from the french cafes where they are extremely popular. Café style shutters cover the bottom half of the window, allowing the light to enter from the top half. The purpose of this shutter is to provide privacy as well as access to light.


Arched window shutters- These window shutters have a beautiful arch on the top. The arched window shutters are known as radius shutters, dramatically boost both traditional and contemporary homes. They are quite expensive than their rectangular counterparts as the cost of their installation is higher.


Angled window shutters- These window shutters are ideal for windows with unconventional shapes. The angled window shutters can be fit into any rectangular, triangular, and round openings. Depending on your window treatment requirements, the angled window shutters can be customized with window treatment professionals’ help.


Wide slat shutters- The wide slat shutters offer a modern look and complement your large window. As the wide slat shutters allow more light to enter your space, they offer less privacy. This is because the window shutter style suits the living rooms and kitchens.


Shaker-style window shutters- These window shutters, sometimes known as solid panel window shutters, are ideal for making a style statement to your home and office space. These window shutters come in two styles. The first one is completely solid that is and easy to clean and maintain to keep it dust-free. The second one is the louvered top section, which can be opened independently. They are an excellent choice for wardrobes and cupboards.


Talk to a window treatment professional to install the interior window shutters.

Installing the window shutters is not a DIY process. The window treatment professionals at Window Treatment By Grace are the right people to get done window shutters installation professionally. Plus, they will help you choose the suitable material and style for the interior window shutters, keeping your interior décor and your personal preference into account. They will bring perfection and maintain quality from start to finish, ensuring the custom-made interior window shutters in Pacific Palisades last for years. Hence, get professional window treatment services by Window Treatment By Grace to install the window shutters perfectly.

Why Choose Custom Draperies Over Mass-Produced Draperies?

Are you skeptical when choosing between custom draperies and mass-produced draperies? Many folks come across this situation. Some folks end up choosing the custom draperies and window coverings in Oak Park, whereas some go with mass-produced draperies. However, custom draperies are the best alternative because of many reasons that we will explore in this post.

  • Quality

    Most mass-produced draperies are poorly constructed. They don’t have proper pleats to give the draperies stability and structure, and they are not hammed righty. Plus, they have a little room for customization. Despite all these disadvantages, you will be charged the same price as custom draperies.


  • More comfortable to match home décor– Mass-produced draperies offer you selected colors and style, making it difficult to find the drapery that actually matches your home décor. As you result, it can leave you settle for a mismatched look. Fortunately, custom draperies offer you endless colors and styles to match your home’s existing décor.


  • Installation

    Improperly installed draperies will ruin the overall appearance of your home. Plus, they will not stay functional the way it should. When you choose custom draperies, you choose expertise. Interior designers understand how exactly the draperies should be installed with the drapery rods’ right placement. The designers will come to your place, take proper measurements of your window, and take care of the installation process, making sure the draperies perfectly fit your windows.


  • Complete product knowledge

    Choosing custom draperies will allow you to work with designers who will enlighten you with extensive knowledge about the widow treatment possibilities. For instance, the designer will help you find the right window treatment to make your room look larger and beautiful. The designer will also make sure the custom draperies allow you to limit or increase the sunlight exposure. On the other hand, when you choose mass-produced draperies, you are just buying the product. You may not know how to make the best use of it.


  • Fabric choice

    Ready-made draperies are made from common fabrics that most people prefer. If you have any specific fabric in mind, you may struggle to find in ready-made draperies. Fabric type is also important as it affects how the drapery will look. Also, fabric choice affects the ultimate cost of the drapery.


  • Functionally matters

    Draperies will perfectly protect your floors, carpet, furniture, and curtains from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Furniture and other accessories can fade with direct exposure to sunlight. Custom draperies provide you better functionality. Custom draperies only look good, but they are functional as well. Moreover, custom draperies act as a great insulator. Full draperies across the window will resist the heat escape, keeping your room warm in the winters and cooling in the summer.


Embrace Window Treatment by Grace


At window Treatment by Grace, you have access to a wide assortment of fabric, giving you endless options to customize with accessories, pleats, and trims. We will visit your place, acknowledge your suggestions, and understands your vision to create a unique window treatment for your window. We will also keep you away from the poor window treatment choices as we are well-versed with the current window trends. Likewise, we will provide you valuable tips regarding how to clean your window treatment. By following those tips, you can make your window treatment last longer than the mass-produced draperies.


Finally, we would love to work with you to provide the best custom draperies and window treatments in Oak Park using all our experience and expertise in window treatment. So, if you look around your room and find something is missing, give a second thought to well-designed custom drapery by the popular interior designer at Window Treatment by Grace. It will enhance the room’s appearance, keeping it insulated. Hence, schedule a consultation to learn more and answer your entire questions.

The Incredible Advantages of Custom Window Treatments, Draperies, and Furnishings


What makes you “you?” It’s your personality, your individuality, your one-of-a-kind approach to life. Shouldn’t your home reflect the uniqueness that defines who you are?

Window treatments are an unsung, often overlooked design aspect that ramps up the personality, elegance, and overall feeling of joy in your special home!




Yet too many people neglect to realize the immense opportunity for personal style that window treatments offer. Instead, they turn online or to big box stores. They find themselves “making do” with what’s available.

This is a recipe for dissatisfaction — every single time!

Custom window treatments and draperies are the only way to avoid disappointment and guarantee that, when your eye gazes at your windows, it is beyond pleased at what it sees.

Here is an overview of the most important advantages that only custom window treatments can offer you.

(ALSO: read my recent blog post where I go in-depth on the trouble with window treatments from big box stores.)

Guidance that saves you time, money — and heartache. “Time is money” continues to ring true today. And it applies so deeply to the process of window treatments.

From measuring to style choice, working with a highly refined and experienced design consultant will ensure exactly what you desire, in as little time as possible.



What’s more, a great designer is knowledgeable on even the most unique window scenarios — from difficult-to-fit arch windows to immense windows that are a challenge to fit perfectly.

Best of all, this level of expertise can work with your budget.

Bottom line: with custom window treatments, you can discover cost-effective design solutions that make your heart go “Wow!”

Unique colors, one-of-a-kind details. You’re doing more than selecting a special fabric when you opt for custom window treatments. You are also honing in on the precise color choice that you love.

Is there a particular blue or brown that simply doesn’t exist anywhere but your imagination? With an experienced designer, that color leaps from your heart and onto your windows!



This also spills into special details not available online or in stores. Very unique, hard-to-find hardware. A super-custom trim for your special drapes.

Think you can achieve this through the box stores? My friend, you’ll have to think again…

Impressive return-on-investment (ROI). The quality of most box-store and online treatments leaves much to be desired. In contrast, custom window treatments often last at least TWICE as long in comparison!

The expert craftsmanship from custom windows ensures beautiful, fade-resistant, stain-resistant windows for years and years to come.

And should the time come for you to sell your home, these extraordinary custom window treatments will seriously raise the perceived value of the property overall.



That’s right: investing in custom treatments can mean a higher asking price on the market down the road!

The PERFECT fit, plus functionality. Is your home brand-new? Or did you just remodel? In either case, the idea of a “basic” window simply doesn’t exist.

If your windows are custom and specially shaped, they absolutely deserve custom drapes or treatments that match their unique feeling. This holds particularly true for celestial windows and other styles that are immense in size.



When you work with a custom window design expert, you are investing in design work, sewing, and production that will fit your windows to a T. This can’t happen in any other way.

A great designer will bring you what feels like an encyclopedia of patterns, trims, accessories, styles, bands, and more.

And they’ll help you identify exactly what your soul is craving in your windows.

No home is exactly alike. Nor should your windows!

Please contact me with any questions you have about how I work! I so look forward to hearing from you!

Joy and light,



Most Popular Window Treatment Trends and Styles in 2020

Trends come and go, so I always take what I hear with a grain of salt. But there are two trends this year that will probably last through next year and beyond. 

They’re that effective in terms of beautifying the home.

I’m talking about neutrals and simple functionality.

Get in touch with me  to learn how I can make these work for you.


Many of my repeat clients are based in Pacific Palisades and Bel-Air. One note I hear from them has rung true for clients outside of these more upscale neighborhoods: simplicity and elegance

And when it comes to simplicity and elegance, I automatically think neutrals.

Neutral colors are the classic choice to bring harmony and unity to a space. They are timeless. They bring both versatility and style.

They also let you bring in a pop of color with accents like colorful throw pillows. Delicate wood tones, warm light browns and vibrant whites are all the rage so far this year.

Here’s some thoughts on my favorite neutrals to talk about with clients.

Taupe and grey: elegant earthiness. Practical. Quietly regal. If your furniture and decor are cooler in tone, I might direct you to grey as the best complement. If you want something a little warmer, we would talk about the taupe and its comforting notes of brown.

Classic blue: The freshness and peace of the coast. The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year. This is a go-to color especially for homes with a decor that’s already neutral. A touch of blue in the window treatments will pull the room together and foster a tranquil atmosphere.

Sheer: I love a neutral sheer drape because it’s ageless and simple. My clients have loved their flowiness, how the light dances with them. They also bring a lot of serenity into a home.

All-white: Want that airy, bright feeling? You will probably want pure white window treatments. They just have that weightless quality you can’t duplicate. We could do breezy white curtains for a knockout look, or white Roman shades for something completely classic.

Simple functionality

Window treatments can be pretty and stop right there. But most of my clients want more. They want both pretty and practical. Windows that are both beautiful and that fit in well with my clients’ lifestyles.

I’m seeing an uptick in motorized window treatments for this very reason. Nowadays, with Alexa or even your remote, you can control motorized blinds and curtains. They don’t have that “high-tech” look. It’s subtle and blends in well.

Blinds with cordless lifts are also simple and functional. I like these especially for homes with children; their safety gives parents peace of mind. At the same time, they make your windows look modern, fresh and clean.

Folding shutters are also making a little comeback this year. These shutters let the light flow in throughout the home. They are spot-on for disguising any fixtures you have with massive views. They can also be retracted so you can take in that panorama of the sunset. 

For the kitchen, I also like to consider faux wood treatments. They increase the elegance in the kitchen because of their wood aesthetic. And they are super-practical: they last much longer than traditional wood, and they are resistant to moisture. 

You can also enjoy great light control with faux wood blinds or shutters. Depending on how you position them — a little bit open, fully open, fully shut — you can let in as much or as little light as you like.

Which trend catches your eye more? Do you think one is better than the other for your home?

Let’s talk about neutrals and functional options. Call me or email me and we can have a consultation. These trends are just the tip of the iceberg on how I can make your window dreams come true. 805-405-0248. windowtreatmentsbygrace@gmail.com.