7 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Blinds

Nothing last forever, no matter how great it is. The same goes with the window blinds. However, window blinds are one of the most durable window treatments that last for years with little maintenance. But at one point, you may have to upgrade your window blinds and shutters in Pacific Palisades.

  • Bent or warped slats

    No matter what material is used to construct the blinds, over time, the blinds bend and warm. If you had installed the blinds years back or a decade, then carefully look at your blinds and see if they are looking bent or warped out of shape. If yes, it is high time to switch to new window blinds and shutters.

  • Difficult to raise

    Is it difficult to raise the blinds for you? If yes, this is happening because of two main reasons- either the lifting mechanism is damaged, or the lifting mechanism is unable to support the load of the blinds.

  • Frayed cords-

    Take a look at your cords, and if they start to look frayed, it is the time for a new blind. Frayed binds directly indicate that blinds have been outdated. In such cases, the internal mechanism can also cause damage to your cord.

  • Frayed edges

    If your shades are frayed around their edges, this means your shades are too wide for the window opening. While opening and closing the binds, they scrape inside of the frame. Instead of leaving your blinds as it is, replace them with new ones.

  • Yellowing or discoloration

    Over time, the intense sun rays can cause blinds to discolor or yellow. The updated blinds and shutters offer protection against UV rays. If your blinds look yellowish or discolored, then the material of the blinds has deteriorated. This means you should give a second thought to new and updated window blinds.

  • Blinds don’t close

    Do your blind slats close more tightly than before, or is there a large gap in between? This indicates that your lift mechanism is worn-out. Get a new blind that ensures smooth opening and closing. This will also ensure your family safety.

  • They are outdated

    Do your blinds look outdated in front of your home decor? Then it is time to upgrade your window blinds with updated ones that are equally good in terms of aesthetics and functioning.

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Draperies- The Unique And Amazing World Of Window Curtains

Brought the furniture and wardrobes for your new home? It is great. But there is one home décor element that cannot overlook- curtains or drapery. They are a significant piece of décor that does not only sets the tone of your home space but also makes your living more comfortable and enjoyable. While selecting the right custom draperies and window coverings in Oak Park is an interesting yet challenging task, we have shared important tips to choose the right draperies or curtains.

Understand the difference between curtains and draperies

Technically speaking, curtains are made of lightweight fabric and with no lining. They usually do not come with an opening and closing mechanism. Curtains offer privacy, but still, the light tends to enter the room as they are made of lightweight fabric. They are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

On the other hand, draperies are made of dense fabric and often lined. Silk and velvet are popular materials used in draperies. Since they are made of dense fabric, they offer more privacy and effectively stop the light from entering the room. They are operated using a corded pull system in the drapery rod. If you are looking to block out the light completely, you can go with blackout draperies.

Pick the right fabric and color for the draperies

The color of your draperies should be in sync with the rest of the room furnishing. You can either choose draperies that complement the home interior or contrast with it. Similarly, material plays a vital role in the look and function of the drapery. The two major factors should be considered while choosing the fabric for draperies- one is the décor of the room and the amount of light you want steaming into your room.

Select the perfect length and width

If you want a more dramatic look, select a size longer by a few inches that standard size. However, if you have kids and pets at home, choose draperies a couple of inches above the floor. On the other hand, the width of the drapery should be wide enough to cover the window.

Trim and accessories

Trim and accessories are accompanied to the window draperies to add richness and grandeur. Be sure you go with high-quality trim and accessories that may help you achieve the desired look.

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Factors to Consider While Picking Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the ultimate ways to dress up your windows. The convenience, beautiful appearance, and style that the roller shades add to your space are unparalleled only if you manage to find ideal roll-up window shades blinds in Malibu. There are a plethora of options out there which can leave you to feel overwhelmed. But when you are aware of the key factors to pick the roller shades, picking roller shades will get easier for you.

Following are the major factors to consider while picking the roller shades;

  • Convenience– Do you have kids and pets? If yes, avoid picking roller shades that have cords hanging down. Your kids and pets tend to play with cords which are result in an accident and can damage the roller shades. Nowadays, there are roller shades available with no cords, which make it a safer option when you have kids and pets at home.

  • Understand your space– It is the first step to consider while looking for roller shades. Take a closer look at your space and determine where exactly you want to install the roller shades. Also, understand the color of your home interior and take a precise measurement of the window to install the roller shades.

  • Determine the position– Where exactly you want to place your roller shades, behind the window or ahead of it. Usually, the roller shades are installed ahead of the window, but if you want to give a different look to your window, try roller shades placed behind the window.

  • Choose the right material– If you are looking for roller shades to filter the light to give warmth to your space, choose materials like cotton, linen, or silk. If you want to block sunlight completely, pick dense and heavier material to cover your window.

  • Understand the roller shade styles– Roller shades basically come in two styles: simple and designer. If you want to create a simple and classy appearance, then go with simple and plain style. However, if you want something more flashy, you can pick from the designer shades. The window treatment experts will give you insight into the right design that suits your home’s interior.

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Factors To Consider While Selecting The Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the most popular choices in dozens of window covering options. Nothing gives a more finished or tailored look than roller shades installed in your room. Roller shades roll up neatly at the top of your window when they are raised, and enhance your room décor when lowered. One of the best things about roller shades are they continue to be the best choice among the homeowners, year after year.

Since roller shades window treatments in Malibu come in various colors, fabric, textures, and patterns, it gets important to consider several factors so the roller shades you choose go well with your existing room décor, staying functional.


Roller shades come with a variety of fabrics and textures. If you are clear about what your purpose with the roller shades, then it will get easier to select the right roller shades. For instance, choose fabric based on whether you want to block out sunlight or you want your room to be well-lit. Likewise, use a texture that perfectly blends with the existing room décor and enhances the overall appearance of your home.


If you have kids and pets at your home, be sure you choose roller shades that do not have cords hanging down. Kids and pets tend to play with the cord, which can result in an accident or any damage to the roller shades. Nowadays, you can easily find roller shades with a cordless system that you help you operate the roller shades by the tap of a bottom. These are motorized roller shades being operating through the remote control.

Light and privacy

Before you leave to buy the window treatment, ask yourself a few important questions? Is privacy your main purpose, or do you simply want to enhance the room’s aesthetic? Those who want complete privacy and darkness in the room can pick blackout roller shades. However, if you want sunlight filtering into your bedroom, then sheer roller shades would be the best choice.


If you don’t get enough time to invest in carrying out daily household chores, pick a fabric that is easy to use and clean. Generally, roller shades are easy to clean simply by dusting and vacuuming.


Last but not least, sit down and calculate how much you want to spend on your roller shades. If you have a larger home with dozens of windows, then pick affordable options.

Let us help you in selecting the right window roller shades

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Six Things to Know Before Buying the Window Shutters

Buying the window shutters is indeed a significant investment that increases home curb appeal, provides functionality, increases property value, and provides control over access to light and shades entering your home through the window. Ensure you choose the right window shutters considering various important aspects. But what are those? Let’s figure it out altogether.

Slat size/ louver

Louvers basically refer to slats that are rotated to open and close to control the access to light and shades in the room. The term ‘louvers’ is interchangeably used for the slats that refer to the parts of the window shutters. The slat size you choose makes a difference in shutter appearance and its functionality. For instance, large slats offer a wider outside view, allowing plenty of light to let in. The large slats offer a more contemporary look and are considered great for the large windows.

Tilt Control

Tilt ensures the custom indoor window shutters in Pacific Palisades function properly. There are visible and invisible tilt control systems available nowadays. Although invisible tilt control is recommended for you, which ensures the shutters look nice and give you good control over the slats.


Small upgrades in shutters can make a huge difference. These upgrades add convenience and give better look of the shutters. The upgrades include hinges, locks, and latches. Ensure you choose good-quality hinges, locks, or latches. Remember, substandard quality upgrade can affect the overall shutter appearance.


Window shutters are available in a variety of colors to accentuate any wall décor. Inspect your wall décor before choosing any color. You can choose a color that complements the wall color or the one that contrasts with your wall color. Here you can get suggestions from the window treatment experts. Their expert eyes will help you select the ideal color window shutters.

Quality vs. Cost

Understanding the shutter cost in your area and the cost involved in professional installation is important as the price may drastically vary in shutters, depending on the quality. The worst thing is buying lower-quality shutters to save a few bucks can ruin your investment.  So, it is suggested not to screw up things by selecting substandard quality shutters. Shutters are a long-term investment. Hence, ensure you always prioritize quality over cost.

Material composition

Did you know the material quality affects the functionality and durability of the shutter? Get in touch with window treatment experts at Window Treatment By Grace, a popular widow treatment service provider. Experts out there give you detailed information about the material specifications to make an informed decision while choosing the blinds and shutters in Camarillo

Six Rules to Hang Your Curtains Perfectly

Curtains are an important element of the room’s aesthetic. Without curtains, your room will look unfinished. Above all, correctly hanging the curtain is extremely important to achieve privacy, functionality, and room aesthetic. Your well-decorated room deserves a great curtain installed, no matter if it is window blackout curtains in Malibu or any other. There are some rules to hang the curtains that everyone should follow.

  • Separate the panels– If you have a large window, try an extra wide curtain rod that is stronger enough to bear the heavy weight of your large curtains. Hang multiple panels across the rod, ensuring each panel can perfectly cover the whole window. Using the separate panels also helps you effortlessly open and shut the curtains to ensure privacy and allow the light in.

  • Ensure curtains complement the wall décor– Either you should choose a curtain that can easily blend with your room walls, or you should make sure the curtain contrasts with the room walls. Therefore while choosing the color for the curtains, consider the room walls and then pick the curtains.

  • Hide the curtain hardware– In many cases, the curtain does not work out the window frames, especially when there is a large window. Try to mount your curtains concealing the window hardware to create a minimalist look. This small change can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your room. You can use an outside mount for a more luxurious look and fuller window coverage, while inside mounts are great for a modern feel.

  • Do you have enough curtain fabric– The curtains should be enough wider and longer, so they should feel full and like a bed sheet on the bed. The curtain should be at least 2 to 2.5 times wider than the actual width of the window.

  • Hang your curtain high– The higher the curtains, the taller the window appears. Ensure you fix your curtain rod a little closer to the ceiling and top of the window. In general, it should be hung at least 4 to 6 inches above the window frame.

  • Use a template– Using a template will give an idea at which height you should hang your curtains. If you have time, make a couple of cardboard pieces and check where you should hang your curtain.

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5 Most Durable and Easy To Maintain Window Coverings for Your Home

For most of us, style and functionality are the two main concerns while searching for window coverings. Indeed, these are the primary concerns you should take into account, but there are other important things that you should also consider, i.e., durability and maintenance. These qualities will ensure you don’t replace the window coverings repeatedly and waste your hard-earned money in it. Therefore, we have come up with give major window coverings in Westlake Village that are very durable and low maintenance.

  • Roller shades– This window covering offers a simple and clean look that makes the roller shades attractive and perfect for those who want to keep things neat and clean. Roller shades feature a rolling mechanism with fabric attached to it and roll up into a tube when the roller shades are up. Since roller shades are simple, they are easier to clean and maintain. The best thing about roller shades is they go well with all types of home décors.

  • Cellular shades– This is stylish and affordable window coverings come with warmth and light-filtering ability. The best thing is they sit tightly on the window frame and provide insulation to your home. Cellular shades are also considered low-maintenance window coverings.

  • Pleated shades– These window coverings offer a bright, light, and airy appearance. Pleated shades are made of woven polyester fabric that provides warmth and feels, with more durability and a finished aesthetic. The polyester fabric is easier to dust and vacuum. Plus, they are cordless, which makes them safe for kids and pets.

  • Wood blinds– It is the top choice among homeowners who wish to have a natural and attractive window covering. The wood blinds resist any sign of fading, chipping, and warping. These are available in different unique finishes and are easily incorporated into your home décor. Ensure you choose good-quality wood materials like basswood that are incredibly durable and easy to clean.

  • Bamboo blinds– These are incredibly durable window coverings and add earthy luxury to your space. Most importantly, bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable option. It is considered more durable than maple and red oak. If you want to give your home a classic touch, then this is for you.

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Discover the Top Window Coverings to Winterize Your Home

Did you know you can save up to 25% on your energy bills simply by using the right window treatment covering? The U.S Department of Energy reveals this amazing fact. Since winters are approaching, the heating bills will drastically rise. But at the same time, if you winterize your home with the custom window coverings by grace in Camarillo, you can control the rising energy bills.

Following are the top window treatment options to winterize your home;


  • Cellular shades

    Most people end up paying huge money to keep their home warm, especially when a home is not insulated. If you have no recent plan to insulate your home, then installing the cellular shades is the best approach. The cellular shades are popular for their great insulating features that allow natural light to enter the room through the window. Basically, the cellular shades feature cell pockets that trap air inside, creating a barrier on your window. This makes your home warm during the chilly winters. Plus, the cellular shades offer privacy without obstructing the natural light entering your room.

  • Draperies

    These are another key window treatment to winterize your home because they are made of thicker and opaque fabric that add extra insulation to your existing window treatments like shutters. The thick and heavy fabric prevents heat loss and controls the indoor temperature. No matter what type of window treatment you already have at your place, adding the custom draperies and window coverings in Oak Park increase its efficiency and create a cozy and warm environment during the winters.

  • Insulated curtains

    These are basically lined curtains designed to prevent the warm air from escaping through the windows and keep the cold air away from the room. This way, they maintain a moderate temperature inside and reduce the use of an HVAC system. As a result, you see a drastic reduction in your energy bills. If you choose the custom option, you can ask the window treatment experts to install a magnetic strip sewn into its edges, so they stay in place around the window frame, creating a proper barrier.

  • Roman shades

    This versatile window covering offers you insulation as well as aesthetic appeal. Roman shades are made of thick material with sealed edges to keep out the chilled air. If you want to add an extra layer of protection in the harsh winters, install roman shades with thermal window curtains to keep the temperature warm.

Grace Nicolson- Your Personal window treatment experts

So, if you want to keep your room insulated throughout the winters, then it is the right time to consider Custom window coverings by grace Camarillo. She will assist you in getting the right window covering installed at your place under your budget.

Motorized Shades- Convenience at the Touch of a Bottom

Once there were limited window treatment options available for the homeowners. Over time, many new and more efficient and elegant window treatment options were introduced. And nowadays, motorized window treatments are in trend. People are showing interest in motorized options since it offers huge convenience and safety to the residents. In this handy post, we will discuss the about the reasons to have motorized shades in Pacific Palisades.

Following are the key reasons to have motorized shades;

  • The motorized shades allow you to raise and lower the shades with just a single touch of a button. This advanced system is perfect if you have kids and pets at home. Since it is a motorized shade, it does not have cords that can entangle and cause harm to the kids and pets.

  • If you have a hard-to-reach window, then it is a great option. You will not require a chair or table to reach the window to shut or close. With motorized shades in place, you can lower and raise the shade using your remote control.

  • Motorized shades are ideal for a media room or bedroom to create darkness without having to shut the window shades manually. Simply by using the remote control, you can operate the window shades at your convenience.

  • The motorized shades also increase the longevity of your window treatment. Simply, when you have motorized shades, you don’t need to manually pull and tug the delicate shades, leading to wear and tear. This manual pulling and tugging may also loosen the hardware of your expensive window shades. Instead, use motorized window shades to avoid wear and tear.

  • The latest motorized window treatment systems work without causing any noise. This is why the motorized option is considered ideal for offices and bedrooms. Plus, the motors are installed out of sight, so you never see them working.

  • As we mentioned earlier, the motorized system can be programmed to open and close at a specific time of the day. This way, the people passing by think that someone is always at home. This is how it enhances your home security.

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The reputed window treatment experts Grace Nicolson will assist you in getting the right motorized window shades that can perfectly fit your window treatment. Hence, if you are new to motorized window shades and want to install them at your home, speak to us right away.

Four Factors to Consider Commercial Window Treatments

Choosing the right window treatment in a commercial space is critically important from the business growth perspective. For instance, if it is a restaurant, the right window treatments can set the mood of your customers and make them feel comfortable at home. The right window treatment will make your restaurant or any retail store looks aesthetically beautiful to get more foot traffic from outside. But aesthetics should not be the only criteria to choose the window treatments. Below we have shared four major factors to consider while choosing the commercial window treatments in Westlake Village.

  • UV rays resistant– The intense UV rays can fade your furnishings. Likewise, your customers may feel uncomfortable while setting under the intense UV rays. Explore different window treatment options to find the right one that can filter the UV rays to protect your furnishings and allowing the customers to enjoy their time comfortably.

  • Energy efficiency– The high-energy bills can drastically increase the overhead costs of your business. So, if you are worried about the overhead costs, choosing energy-efficient window treatments can also be a way to reduce the overhead costs. For instance, window treatments like plywood shutters can decrease up to 30% heat flow through the window and keep the indoor environment cooler in summers and warmer in winters.

  • Longevity– Since window treatments are expensive; they are not replaced very frequently and considered a long-term investment. Therefore, choose high-quality window treatments that are versatile as well. In this regard, plywood shutters are one of the best options. They look beautiful for decades and add aesthetic to your commercial space.

  • Price– It is another major consideration while choosing the window treatment for your business. The window treatment at your commercial space should be considered a major investment. It helps to achieve the right look and set up the mood for your business. Never go with the cheap window treatment made of poor-quality material with quality construction. Choose high-quality window treatment that sets the mood and creates the right environment for your business.

Always go with customized window treatment options.

Since every business has different needs, the mass-produced window treatments will not accomplish your purpose. Instead, work with the window treatment experts who have a long experience in serving clients for commercial spaces. The window treatment experts will understand your business and personal goals to achieve the right window treatment style that makes your commercial space look beautiful and inviting to visitors. In this regard, Grace Nicolson at Window Treatment By Grace is highly recommended for you. She has enough experience in serving clients for the commercial and residential window treatments in Westlake Village.