Read This Before You Install Motorized Blind At Your Place

Do you want to replace your manually operated blinds with motorized blinds? Do you know everything about motorized blinds? We are going to give you useful insight into motorized blinds in Pacific Palisades. Keep reading!

Motorized blinds

Motorized blinds are an electronic window treatment that is operated with an electric motor and controlled with a remote control. That means you can control the motorized blinds from anywhere in your room. This adds convenience and makes life easier for you.

How are motorized blinds powered?

Most motorized blinds are powered through a lithium battery. Some motorized blinds also have rechargeable batteries that you can connect to your power outlets when charging is needed. The battery life is almost the same in both cases, whether it is a rechargeable or non-chargeable battery. The expected lifespan is around six months; after that, you will have to replace the battery with the new one.

How long motorized blinds last?

Motorized blinds are somewhere expensive investment. That’s why it is important to consider their lifespan. Motorized blinds stay functional just as long as your traditional window treatments. But remember, you need to periodically replace your battery to ensure your motorized blinds stay functional. They basically have an average lifespan of 3 to 10 years. How often your motorized blinds will sustain also depends on how you have used them and how maintained they are.

Do motorized blinds create noise?

This question must be asked while looking for the motorized blind. Motorized blinds designed nowadays are highly upgraded, meaning they are very quiet and only produce a soft humming sound, which is not annoying for anyone.

Are they difficult to install?

They are difficult to install if you don’t have prior experience in installing them. Still, we would suggest you leave the motorized blind installation task to window treatment professionals to avoid any installation errors. Remember, if they are not installed properly, they may not be able to function properly. And they no longer be energy-efficiency, and similarly, they may not be able to prevent heat loss in winter. That’s why you should avoid DIY installation and directly approach window treatment experts.

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